Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Twin Peaks

I tried the Twin Peaks in West OKC, the beautiful women definitely offer some upside to eating their.  However, because there are scantily clad women it is by enlarge visited by men and Friday night was no different the restaurant was near full.  They have high tables and low tables I sit at a low table.

For an appetizer I ordered the fried pickels.  Fried pickles is one of my favorite appetizers and theirs is delicous.  They are made from scratch and are delicous for my main course I ordered the Mile High Club it was good it was bland as I am sure most of their clientel prefer bland food.

 For a drink I had their Dirty Blond house beer they have it in two sizes Girl Size and Man Size. Girl Size is 16 ounces that is what I ordrer it came in a frosty mug with an orange it is buy enlarge it was a decent beer.  The service left something to be desired and most of the waitresses kept meeting around one table and shoot the beers with their regulars.  I usually dont mind as long as everyone else is being serviced.

The meal experience was pretty decent however the front door guy kept wanting to take my photo to show to the staff.

If you have any suggestions about my comments or places to try please let me know.

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