Monday, August 11, 2014

The Helen House Helen Georgia

On my recent trip to Georgia I visited my cousin and her new baby in Gaineville.  I had received some advice from her on where to eat if  I happen to be in the area she told me I really needed to visit Helen Georgia.  So I got up on a Monday morning and headed over to Helen Georgia, it is about 30 minutes to from her house just north of Gaineville.  I have got up that morning and it appeared to be a scorcher so I went ahead and wore a sundress.  The drive is a lovely drive and leaving driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains is absolutely beautiful.  However, Helen is like an old Bavarian community and it really beautiful and unique.  On my way through town it was about 10:30 I was getting hungry and there didnt appear to be that many places to eat.  However, I noticed a plae called The Helen House that appeared to be open so I stopped in to try some of their food.  It was difficult to find their parking lot so I parked next door and went on in.

When you walk in it looked like a smalll mom and pop diner  nothing to special however the smell was devine.  The hostest asked me where I wanted to be seated.  I decided on the patio as it was still moderately cool outside.  They obligued.  My waitress was from New York and had moved to Helen with her husband because they fell in love with the community.  I understand why.

I asked them about their daly special and she let me know that their breakfast special was 2 eggs, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, and 2 pancakes.  That sounded like plenty of food so I ordered it.

While waiting I ordered a cup of coffee to start and a sweet tea to follow.  The coffee was good it wasnt great as I still added creamer but it was good.  The sweat tea was alittle sweet but overall good. 

No sooner did I finish my first cup of coffee then my food was ready.  The smell was overwhleming and delicious.  The eggs were perfect just right not to runny.  The sausage and bacon were good they had enough flavor and required no seasoning.  The syrup was warm so it ran over the pancakes just right.

I chatted up the waitress she was friendly I asked her about things to do and she gave me a list and provided a map however very helpful

Food A
Service A+
Overall Expereince A+ would go back

Hooters Duluth Georgia

One of the problems with arriving late into a city is attempting to find a place to eat.  When I flew into Atlanta I ran into such a problem. I wore the short blue dress I spoke about earlier that I wore in Kansas, it is short but it keeps you very cool and in the Georgia heat, cool is appreciated.   I flew into Atlanta arriving there at 9pm on a Sunday evening and as I headed over to my hotel which was in Gaineville GA, I was getting alittle hungry.  Subsequently I stopped to get something to eat I stopped in this mall area with what looked like a string of restaurants right off of I85.  However, it turned out that most were fast food and the ones that werent had a line.  So I ended up eating a Hooters.  A restaurant known for their service but not so much for their food. 

Coming into the restaurant the bar was alittle full so I asked to be seated in the restaurant no need to draw unwanted attention.  My hostest Amber was pleseant and seated me quickly.  However, my waitress Jennifer took longer to get to me and you could tell she was not eager to help.  I ordered a smothered chicken sandwich.  I asked for a recommendation and Jennifer offered that I order hot wings not a food I was especially looking forward to eating.  So I went ahead and orderd the chicken sandwich.  I then asked for the directions and advice on the restroom which she gave and away I went when I had ame back i sat for a alittle while and tried to make small talk however Jennifer had no interest in talking to me and she kept sitting at another table with some drunk guys in their 20s. 

My sandwich finall arrived that I ordered and the waitress quickly left me to my food.  The food was okay but once againt I think most of their food is okay rarely is it great occasionally it is bacd.  However, the service was dismal.  The only upside was the hostest was friendly and chatty.

Food C
Service D
Overal Experience B-/C+