Friday, March 20, 2015

Star Cafe Fort Worth Texas

I was in Fort Worth over the weekend so I ended up going to dinner over in the Stockyards.  We started out at the H3 Steakhouse however it has a 3 hour wait.  We ended up going over to Cattlemens they had a 1.5 hour wait and walked over to Risckys who had a 1 hour wait.  So on our way back to the car we happened to go by The Star Cafe.  It didnt look very busy which could be a negative sign for a Saturday night but we went ahead and went on in. 

There was a 5 minute wait to be seated even though the restaurant was half empty, however one of the managers or owners was talking to us so it wasnt to bad. 

When we were seated we were moderately hungry so we ordered some appetizers which they didnt have so we ordered onion rings at the waitresses suggestion.  I ordered the 10oz Ribeye, it came with a salad and a vegatable my vegatable was a baked potato and my salad I ordered with their house ranch dressing. 

The onion rings came out right before the salads so it wasnt great timing.  While the onion rings were good they were not the hype they had claimed to be.

The salad was a standard garden salad.  It came with their homemade ranch dressing.  The dressing was good it had a decent flavor but the filler on it was kind of neutralizing to the ranch flavoring.  Shortly after the salad came out before they were finished the steaks came out.

The waitress asked if I wanted any steakhouse and I assured her a properly flavored steak didnt need steaksauce.  Their steak did not.  It had plenty of flavor juicy cooked medium rare as a ordered it.  The steak by enlarge was the best item we had all night. 

After my steak I snuck away to use the restroom, it was in a back corner and the size of it made me logner for an airport bathroom.

The overall experience was pleasant.  The steak was great the rest of okay to good

The service needed some work they were not very attentive and seemed like they would wrather be helping someone else

Food A-
Service B
Overall Experience B+ - A-