Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Deep Fork Grill

Last evening I got a hankering for some fine dining so I decided to give Deep Fork grill a try.  Deep fork Grill is a fine dinning restaurant in North OKC.  Upon arriving their around 9:30 there was not an abundance of people so that threw me off.  However, I went on in and got a table the waiter initially took a double take apparently they have never seen a man in a dress.  But I was seated, my waitress was moderately interested in assisting me.  She took my order I ordered the chicken and dumplings even though they had a wide variety of foods.  The I also ordered there salad with the house dressing.

I step away to the restroom, when I returned I had a slice of mozarella on a tomato covered in vinagrette sauce.  If was a tasty warm up to the salad.

Short after I finished the appetizer a different server brought me my salad.  When you see the salad it does not appear to have dressing however it does.  The dressing is basted on the salad.  The dressing enhanced the flavor of the salad without taking away the flavor of the dressing.

After I finished my salad the chicken and dumplings came out.  I was expecting a more traditional chicken and dumpling dish however I was served a modern approach to chicken in dumplings it was more like a chicken soup with fried dumplings on the side.  The dish had some robust flavor however it was lacking some original taste.  It tasted alot like chicken soup and not alot like chicken dumplings.

Overall the dining experience was OK they have a mild collection of wines however they do not have a Sangria.

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