Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hollies Flatiron Steakhouse

Being out and about last Friday I found myself eating at Hollies Flatiron Steakhouse in Moore Oklahoma.  Getting there are 9 pm there were not alot of people there, therefore I was seating quickly.  However, it took quite awhile to get me drink order.  Once the service started though the food was brought out swiftly.

I ordered the Flat Iron Steak I ordered it medium.  It came with caesar salad.  There casaer was not a regular caesar salad but more like a spicy caesar.  It was a unique twist on salads.  The salad had just enough dressing so overall it was tasty.

Before my salad was finished my steak came out.  It was cooked true to medium.  The steak came with a choise of sides however I stuck with the vegatable of the day which was a pan fried green breans with chunks of bacon in them. The green beans were delicious no complaints and the steak marinade was enough to offer it flavor but not enough to drowned out the steak.

Overall the service was average  I did not get treated poorly because of how I was dressed however the server could have been more attentive.  Normally when I visit restaurants and need to go to the restroom I use the one with the least amount of trouble that is why I ask before going in. The wait staff advised to use whichever I was the most comfortable using. 

Overall the expierence was a positve one if I had to grade it  I would give it a A-

If any of my followers have any suggestions in the OKC area they want me to visit please let me know.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Saltgrass Steakhouse

Last friday I decided to do alittle shopping while out adn about I stopped by the Salt Grass steakhouse for dinner.  Upon arriving the server took her time to seat me she wanted me to sit at the bar however I wanted to sit at a table. 

After being seated it took the waiter 10 minutes to get my drink order.  After my drink arrived I ordered the Prime Rib. 

The prime rib came with a salad I chose the ceasar salad.  The ceaser salad was ok.  It was nothing spectacular.  It had an adequate amount of dressing and the lettuce was still crisp.  The dressing was generic so it was OK.

When the prime rid came the only adavantage it had going for it was that it was warm I was obviosuly cooked earlier in the day then re-heated. 

The service was hospitalable however could have been a whole lot better.  It took them 20 minutes to let me know where the bathroom was after I came up and asked them.

If any of my followers have any suggestions in the OKC area they want me to visit please let me know.