Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hooters and then

My second day wearing a dress I had errands to do so I didnt feel like cooking and had a hankering for chicken wings.  I like Hooters chicken wings so that seemed like as good as place as any to go.  I went to the location in NW OKC.  As I entered the restaurant the bar tender made a big deal about me in a dress and not long after half the restaurant was starring and laughing.  So I asked for a table and the waitress advised me I was wearing a dress.  I told her I know so i asked her if it was to formal or what the problem was.  She once again stated the obvious your wearing a dress.  I told her I KNOW.  After I realized I was not going to be seated I went ahead and left.

I ended up at Cracker Barrell the cleaning crew stopped and giggled and made a big deal however I was still seated as they were not very busy I got my chicken and dumplings quickly the chicken and dumplings were tasty however my sides Mac and Cheese and Corn tasted re-heated and not that tasty at all.  In addition it took forever to get my check and as I was leaving the janitors kept trying to take photos of me.  Overall a less than stellar performance.

If you have any suggestions about my comments or places to try please let me know.

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