Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blues Family Dining Winfield Kansas

On friday I headed up to Kansas to see my cousins new baby.  On my way I stopped in Winfield Kansas at the Blues Family Dinning.

The outside is not much to look at but going inside it was packed I ended up being seated by myself.

The server ended up checking with her boss before serving me as she was not sure if she was suppose to. 

With the exception of the occasional stare the dining expereince was a postive one. 

They were out of the catfish special so the waitress talked me into trying the hot roast beef sandwich.  I am glad I did it was fast and good.

The beef was alittle over cooked however the gravery covered the taste the potatoes were and smooth but they lacked flavor.

Overall the food was quick and tasty and when you want to stop someplace for a quick bit to eat that will work.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spaghetti Warehouse

Last friday after work I was craving spaghetti I had heard good things about the spaghetti warehouse so I decided to give it a try.  I went in the restaurant around 9:00PM the place was empty I was one of 4 customers in the restaurant which is never a good sign.  I went ahead and got seated the couple sitting across from me were taken aback however by this time I am used to it.

The waitress explained they had been pretty dead I went ahead and started out with their Caesar Salad.  Before the salad could come out they brought me some bread and butter the bread of mildly warm however the butter made the bread taste better.

The waitress would have wrather waited on someone else and it showed in her service.  My tea glass went empty 3 times and the last time it was empty for over 5 minutes this is unacceptable for an empty restaurant. 

I ordered their house special the spaghetti with meatballs.  The sauce had a slight flavor however the meatballs had a good flavor but overall the food was good not great but good.  Later she asked if I would like desert I asked which was homemade only the brownies were made their everything was brought it.  She was unsure where the tierra mi su came from.

The overall dining experience was average the service should have been better the sauce would be better with a dash of flavor

If any of my followers have any suggestions in the OKC area they want me to visit please let me know.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Deep Fork Grill

Last evening I got a hankering for some fine dining so I decided to give Deep Fork grill a try.  Deep fork Grill is a fine dinning restaurant in North OKC.  Upon arriving their around 9:30 there was not an abundance of people so that threw me off.  However, I went on in and got a table the waiter initially took a double take apparently they have never seen a man in a dress.  But I was seated, my waitress was moderately interested in assisting me.  She took my order I ordered the chicken and dumplings even though they had a wide variety of foods.  The I also ordered there salad with the house dressing.

I step away to the restroom, when I returned I had a slice of mozarella on a tomato covered in vinagrette sauce.  If was a tasty warm up to the salad.

Short after I finished the appetizer a different server brought me my salad.  When you see the salad it does not appear to have dressing however it does.  The dressing is basted on the salad.  The dressing enhanced the flavor of the salad without taking away the flavor of the dressing.

After I finished my salad the chicken and dumplings came out.  I was expecting a more traditional chicken and dumpling dish however I was served a modern approach to chicken in dumplings it was more like a chicken soup with fried dumplings on the side.  The dish had some robust flavor however it was lacking some original taste.  It tasted alot like chicken soup and not alot like chicken dumplings.

Overall the dining experience was OK they have a mild collection of wines however they do not have a Sangria.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Twin Peaks

I tried the Twin Peaks in West OKC, the beautiful women definitely offer some upside to eating their.  However, because there are scantily clad women it is by enlarge visited by men and Friday night was no different the restaurant was near full.  They have high tables and low tables I sit at a low table.

For an appetizer I ordered the fried pickels.  Fried pickles is one of my favorite appetizers and theirs is delicous.  They are made from scratch and are delicous for my main course I ordered the Mile High Club it was good it was bland as I am sure most of their clientel prefer bland food.

 For a drink I had their Dirty Blond house beer they have it in two sizes Girl Size and Man Size. Girl Size is 16 ounces that is what I ordrer it came in a frosty mug with an orange it is buy enlarge it was a decent beer.  The service left something to be desired and most of the waitresses kept meeting around one table and shoot the beers with their regulars.  I usually dont mind as long as everyone else is being serviced.

The meal experience was pretty decent however the front door guy kept wanting to take my photo to show to the staff.

If you have any suggestions about my comments or places to try please let me know.

The Garage

I have never been to the Garage so I tried the one in Edmond.  Overall except the occasional stare the food was delcious and the dining experience was second to none.  The bar tender walk over to my table and asked if I wanted a drink I tried Angry Orchard boy I am glad I did it went perfect with my BBQ burger and order of fries. The BBQ burger had a sweet sauce to it that almost gave it a candy flaor the veggies were not so robust that they stole the flavor of the food.  The fries were hot fresh and tasty the things you want in fries they had flavor however still used alittle ketchup.

If you have any suggestions about my comments or places to try please let me know.

Hooters and then

My second day wearing a dress I had errands to do so I didnt feel like cooking and had a hankering for chicken wings.  I like Hooters chicken wings so that seemed like as good as place as any to go.  I went to the location in NW OKC.  As I entered the restaurant the bar tender made a big deal about me in a dress and not long after half the restaurant was starring and laughing.  So I asked for a table and the waitress advised me I was wearing a dress.  I told her I know so i asked her if it was to formal or what the problem was.  She once again stated the obvious your wearing a dress.  I told her I KNOW.  After I realized I was not going to be seated I went ahead and left.

I ended up at Cracker Barrell the cleaning crew stopped and giggled and made a big deal however I was still seated as they were not very busy I got my chicken and dumplings quickly the chicken and dumplings were tasty however my sides Mac and Cheese and Corn tasted re-heated and not that tasty at all.  In addition it took forever to get my check and as I was leaving the janitors kept trying to take photos of me.  Overall a less than stellar performance.

If you have any suggestions about my comments or places to try please let me know.


Welcome to the Dresswearing Food Critique I am J I am your critique for this blog.   For new years resolution I have made three resolutions.  1. Run More 2. Be Kinder 3 Wear a dress everyday.  For some people wearing a dress is not that new or that big of a deal however for me as a guy it seems like it was a very big deal.  One of the first things I noticed when I started wearing dresses in restaraunts is that people treated me differently.  The service was different.  So I thought I could blog about my dining experiences.