Thursday, April 17, 2014

Primos Italian Restaurant

After a rough day at work I didnt feel like cooking so I decided to go out to dinner.  I settled on Primo's Italian Restaurant in OKC.  I got their around 8pm to wasnt overally busy so I thought I may have pick the wrong place.  I ordered the Asiago spinach pasta with a Caesar salad to start.

The customer service expereince was above par compared to the other customer service experiences I have had this year.  My drink never went dry and my waitress was always helpful.

The caesar salad came out first as it should have.  It had just enough dressing but it was covered in it.  The bread was alittle small but I got refills.

I finished the salad just in time for the Asiago spinach pasta.  It was delicious the was enough sauce that it didnt smother the flavor.  There was enough chicken so that there was chicken in every bite. 

Overall I give Primos an A the food was good the service was good and the total experience was a positive one.

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