Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hickory House Barbeque Sapulpa Oklahoma

Yesterday evening as I was heading home I happen to be passing through Sapulpa Oklahoma.  I was passing through about 8pm in the evening.  When I happen to come across the sign for Hickory House Barbeque.  I went ahead and stopped as I was getting out of my car I caught the smell of the food, the smell was enchanting. 

I happened to see only a few cars in the parking lot which for a Barbeque place typically is not a good sign but  I went on it.  The cashier asked me if I was eating in.  I advised I was, so she had me take a seat where ever I wanted.

I sat near the front on the plus was not to bad however it ended up by the restroom.  Apparently every evening they have a buffett for $12.95 I am a firm believer that the buffett style of food is never the best.  It seems to be more bland than the menu food and often because they make the amounts they do it never seems to taste as good. 

After I sat down my waitress Christine took my drink order and asked me if I wanted the buffett.  I advised her that I did not that instead I wanted the Barbeque Bologna sandwich with a side of beans.  She took my order and off she went.  She stayed bus cleaning however that ment she wasnt up for chatting which IMO is part of the dining experience friendly staff. 

I got the food in about 7 or 8 minutes which is OK with me but apparently it had gotten out that there was a guy in a dress eating at their restaurant because I dont think there was a kitchen staff person who didnt stop to try to get something for me or just come out to take a peak. 

The Bologna sandwich was good ordered it was sauce on it however they were kind of stingy with the sauce so the bologna was still dry in a few places.  The bologna was missing some flavor which is why sauce is always good, however there was was pretty good it was not great but it was pretty good. 

The beans tasted like they tried to spice up baked beans and it didnt work out so well.   They were fine but not great and a disappoinment compared to the spell of their barbeque and the taste of the bologna.

Overall the food was not to bad it left something to be desired however I was able to get out of the restaurant for less than $9 so not to bad either.  If you are in Sapupla it may be worth the stop.

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