Thursday, September 25, 2014

Skull Creek Boathouse

While in Hilton Head South Carolina I got a change to eat at the Skull Creek Boathouse. As it was 6pm and close to dinner time so the place was packed. I took a number as they stated it would be a 45 minute - 1 hour wait. I asked where a good place to wait was and they advised that down by the channel there is an outdoor bar.

 However, being there were people already drunk at 6 pm they wanted to take my picture,which I am usually not OK with. While I was at the bar the two female bar tenders asked me what I wanted I ordered a reds apple ale I wished I had ordered one of their mixed drinks are seeing them but a Redds is what I ordered.

Jennifer was one of the bartenders names took my order I asked her if I could order off the menu she said I could  I asked for a recommendation and was recommended the Sevechie. I ordered the tropical sevechie.

While waiting on my food I ordered another Redds however like I said previously if you go order the mixed drinks that look great.  i had guests come and go as I was sitting at the bar there was a nice couple from Virginia the beltway area and a drunk fisherman.  All were pleasant.  When the sevechie arrived it was delicous.  I dont like seafood but it tasted like a fish had died from fruit overdose.  It came with tortilla chips they would have been better had they been warmed up.  As I was finishing my meal.  One of the locals decided to sit next to me and chat me up wow he was  drunk. We chatted for 45 minutes while I was eating and exchanged random conversations. He explained he was a fishing captain and took people out on his boat to go fishing. Tried to get me to go out but because I did not know him and was only there for 1 day I declined he swindled me into buying him a beer which was fine because his company was worth the price of the beer.

The bartenders were busy but not real chatting I minded my business and they theirs, if I needed something they would be quick but I wish they had been more friendly.  As I was getting ready to leave I asked Ashley the other bartender where the restroom was she advised me I asked which one they would prefer I use she stated she didnt care and should probably use the womens.  The line in the womens room was long but they had another restroom so I went and used it.  Overall good experience if you are in Hilton Head The Skull Creek Boathouse is defintely reccomended

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